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Mecury recoil reducer

shell waster

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I'd like to hear some owners speak up on this also. I've heard a little about them, hear they are very easy to install, hear they *work*... but I don't believe I've ever heard it straight from a owner.


My shoulder would REALLY appreciate some info on this before I spend the money for something that doesn't work.

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Yes...the recoil reducers do work...most noticeably while shooting 2 3/4" rounds...... Its not THAT noticeable while shooting a 3 1/2" shell.....those babies are gonna kick some serious recoil with or without the reducer.....


As far as the weight.....it does help balance the gun out a bit....adding 2lbs...Negative..but it does make it a little heavier......but not by much.


My father has found a nice combo for his SBE.....he has the recoil reducer plus Sims Vibrations Butt-stock pad. web page He said this knocks down the serious recoil while shooting 3 1/2" shells. Another note......I also have a recoil reducer in my Nova.....and my brother has the same gun.....but he doesn't have the recoil reducer....we tested them out and my gun is noticeably heavier.....but it definitely doesn't kick as much.....so you'll just have to decide what works best for you. As mentioned above.... 3.5" shells are gonna hurt either way.....but with the reducer and that sims vibration buttstock pad, you'll notice a significant dropoff in pain.

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dahambone, thanks for the info. The bad thing about me and my SBE is the fact I don't shoot

3 1/2s because of a torn up shoulder, but I'm still getting eaten up by high velocity 3 inchers! I discovered today that it's one small spot on one part of a muscle that gets whacked by the hard edge of the recoil pad (well, the whole shoulder moves allowing the muscle to get schwacked...).

I'll look into the new pad and hopefully that will do the trick, because right now ANY change would be major change for the better.

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Medically speaking, the recoil reducer combined with a limb saver recoil pad really helped me. I have three screws in my right shoulder from dislocations/surgery. The 3 1/2" turkey loads and sabot slugs would pretty much make my hand go partially numb (3" tore me up as well). After installing this combination it doesn't go numb anymore and I really have no limitations at all!. I noticed at least a 30% decrease in felt recoil. The biggest difference was the sharp slap went away and seems to be replaced by more of a dull shove. I could only make it through about 5-10 slugs or 3 1/2" mags off the bench before. Last fall I shot over slugs 80 in one day, then shot another 150 medium loads at clays. It balances especially well with the slug barrel.

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