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Super Nova Tactical Accessories Needed


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I recently picked up a super nova tactical in desert camo. The first thing I would like to do is fine a mount for my surefire g2 light. The only mounts I have seen are for weapons that already have an extension tube, I wasnt planning on getting an extension tube but if I have to I will.


Where can I purchase a mount or what make/model does it take?


Where can I purchase an exntension tube make/model?

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I have a super nova with a tac star extension and am having a really hard time trying to find a good barrel clamp that will fit properly . Would like to find one that i could attach a light to also if possible . I would appreciate any help if you guys have this set up. Thanks, Rusty

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The last option in the dropdown box has a selection for nova/supernova.


I am running their clamp on a Benelli OE extension and I have a buddy running their extension and clamp.

I will try and get pics.


Edit: I am talking about a Nova tac, not Supernova Tac.

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Some more pics.

Here is a pic with a qd sling socket installed on the rail. It is a KZ brand. I generally like KZ stuff.

But, if I had to do it again, I would've installed a GGGAZ Sling Thing instead as it is slimmer in profile.


Edit: This may be a better option: http://nordiccomp.com/retail/shop/barrel-clamps/qda-for-nordic-components-barrel-clamps/

You might run the NC qd on one side and on the other run a picatinny rail for a light.


Here is a pic of the Nordic hardware with a GGGAZ flashlight mount with spacer on the rail. It has a Streamlight TRL1 on it.

It is a nice, bright, affordable light. It turns on with a button on the tail end of the light.




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A word of caution.

The Nordic clamp WILL wear on your barrel. I have wear on my old Nova with the glossy finish Benelli used

to put on these guns and my buddy has some wear on his darker grey finished barrel from test fitting the Nordic clamp.

Edit: I bet the camo finish guns wear better. In my experience the camo finish wears well but is vulnerable to chipping.


Also, the Nordic clamp has severly galled my Benelli extension. It appears to be aluminum and as we all know steel (I assume it is steel) and aluminum don't play together nice. I have touched it up a Birchwood flat black paint pen and repositioned it so it isn't near the relief cut made for the Benelli clamp.



Hope that helps.

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I used the plastidip spray in referbing some rusted ammo cans. I used naval jelly, buffed them clean of rust and mildly roughed the surface near the bottoms. Prepped it with acetone, and sprayed each bottom well, second coated, and they are fine. I store them on nice hardwood floors without any worry. Excellent results. Good stuff.

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