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Do you have GG&G Tactical Bolt Release Pad?


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Anybody has a write up on how to install it?


If you have it installed, how long ago you installed it? Does it leave marks on the gun? I've read some old posts that it does scratch surface of the gun after some use. I was wondering if GGG changed anything in their design to fix the scratching issue.


I have the pad in my hands, but I am debating if I want to install it or not. It seems that installation is not really easy. I don't want to screw up my new gun with bad installation or make visible scratches from use in the near future.


Thank you.

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I'm not a fan. It's a bit large, and I like round buttons. Less snag. Less chance of an impact causing the button to rotate (the way the button is attached in the shell-release allows it to rotate if enough force is applied. A non-circular shape can easily cause this if struck, etc. WIth the round release button, rotation could theoretically still occur, but would be meaningless. I have sawn the assembly in half, and this rotation, SHOULD it occur, is NOT indicative of a pending or even remotely possible failure. Having your release button hit your charging handle could be...(I have not measured to see if this is possible, but it looks like it might be with GG&G).

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Well Uno, since no one makes a round button like you've fabricated for yours perhaps you could make some like yours and sell 'em. I'd buy a couple.


Well, nothing fancy, there. I'd love to rip you off, but I'm too nice for that. Here's the magic formula...




Tell them just to send the threaded shell-stop, don't worry about the button. The shell-stop is 4-40 threaded and otherwise a factory/OEM part. I had a machine-ship (5 axis CNC equipped...not a cheap place) thread an OEM bolt release for me once, and Tac2's job looked better.




any 4-40 threaded 1911 magazine release button will work. SVI, Shooter's connection, etc.


Near the bottom of hte page is the one I am using in my next build. I got the "blued" one, but it doesn't seem to be bluing. I soaked it in vinegar for 30 minutes and it didn't change color or anything. It's not likely parkerizing unless they parkerized it very lightly or something, but I like it. It matches things. Button top is slick, which I kindof like. You are depressing it, not sliding it. Texture is not needed, and may even hamper things if you just like to slap at it like some people do.

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Here you go, this is the "Thin blued large" button from the link above, installed (the pix on their site are terrible):



*Picture taken using flash


(that button sat in white vinegar for 30 minutes...no clue what they use, but I buffed it with a paper-towel, and all that, including the vinegar, and got nothing off of it. Also used acetone. Whatever it is is decent enough!)

There you are, for about $80-90 shipped...

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My solution is, in my mind, more attractive, won't harm the finish of the weapon, has less movable parts (button is monolithic and includes its own "screw"), is less prone to failure (You need to use blue loctite, here.), and will work very well. It's also significantly cheaper.

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Do any of these solutions make installations easier? Without disassembly of the whole release button?


No. Any of those solutions require removal of the OEM part. Unless you are going to try and drill & tap the OEM button while it's still in the gun. Not a good idea. Actually, a very BAD idea. You're either going to have to replace the OEM with a ready-made piece that's already been d&t'd (GGG, TAC2), OR you're going to have to take the OEM part out, d&t the button for whatever larger button you're going to install, then put it back in (Nordic, Taran, Briley, etc). Removal and replacement of the part is simple with the right tools.

I've had the GGG part on two of my older guns for a number of years. One gets a lot of use in 3-gun. Never had an issue. No loosening. No marring of the receiver, although it's a tool and I don't give a rat's patootie about dings, scratches, and the like. Lately, I've put the Nordic round button on my newer guns. I think I like that one a little better.

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