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Which snap ring plier to use ?


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Wiha makes some nice ones I use, in curved and straight needle nose shapes with dedicated tip sizes. But for the magazine retainers I like have the kind that allows different tips secured with a set screw; in particular you can easily fabricate specialty tips from drill rod stock or small allen wrenches as they are strong enough for the task. Below are some examples. Specifically for the Benelli, I use a diameter just less than the hole in the retainer and importantly, I cut a detent in the tips for the thickness of the retainer so when you apply compression the tips don't slip from the retainer as they tend to do otherwise.


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Some shotgun magazine retainers do not have much material around the holes, so when you attempt to compress the rigid spring with ring pliers you can distort or break the metal about the ring. To insert such retainers, you can use a hose clamp to gently compress the retainer to just less than the tube size, insert the retainer, release the clamp and gently tap the retainer to desired seating levelScreenshot2014-12-02at72729AM_zps65ac33b4.png


Here an example of ring pliers failing to work on a very stiff magazine retainer; see where the aperture has been

torn open due to very little material around the hole.DSCN0043a_zps9a1c32e3.jpg

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