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Collapsible Stock Parts


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I was trying to test the limbsaver pad on my collapsible M4 stock and messed up the buttpad screwheads a bit. Anyone know where to get replacements?


The original benelli stock screws are far too long


I needed shorter screws for mine.I went to local hardware store and got some.But got them with a allen head.

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Awesome, if not a bit pricy!


I've heard inserting new screws can mess up the buttpad a bit. I did a brief internet search and didn't find a good factory/oem buttpad, any line on where to get one of those as well by chance?



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Thanks for the help all. I did finally get the parts from Numrich yesterday. Quite an expensive screw...


Let this be a lesson to all of you, never settle for a cheap screw (although this one was apparently $8, the original was still a piece of crap)


I had to end up destroying the original buttpad with a hacksaw and then had to saw a notch in the screw head to get a flat blade to take the damn thing out



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