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AR build need trigger lower parts recommendation


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Brownell's. Search AR Trigger. Take your pick. Anything from standard mil-spec parts kits to high-end drop-in modules. Personally, I've gone with several of the drop-ins: Timney, CMC, Wilson. I can't say one of those is better than the others. Satisfied with all of them. I've got more Wilsons (4) but that's just because. None of my AR's have what they came with, even the supposedly better two-stage "national match" versions.

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In here looking for opinions on a trigger, I know I should be on maybe ar15.com
Not necessarily. There may be more knowledge here than you realize ;)


basic or advanced is there really much difference ???

Much difference depends on the intended use.


Are you trying to build a combat ready weapon, a 3 gun ready weapon, a match quality weapon, an accurate range toy, a backwoods plinker, a ranch coyote controller, etc.?

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Ultra light often causes several surprise accidental discharges from recoil of the first shot. "Seriously I was only trying to shoot once, not 3 times."


Agreed. I think the SSA is perfect because of the balance you get with the feel and the pull weight.

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The Geissele triggers come with a slave pin to assist re-installing the pins that were removed. Geissele also has a Trigger Fitting Pin available on their website (as well as Midway USA) that is worth having.


Geissele Trigger Fitting Pin AR-15 LR-308


Trigger Fitting Pin - Tools


I don't see that you have disclosed what type of AR you are building....small parts for AR15 ? AR10 ?

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AR15 I think midway has a small parts kit for $59 does the SSA trigger all the small parts needed in building completely from scratch.

A lower parts kit will typically contain the pins/springs/parts you need for the bolt catch, trigger guard, pivot and takedown pins and grip. The SSA will include the hammer and trigger pins only.


If you can post a link to the lower parts kit you are looking at I would gladly check to see if you will have everything you need.


Here is a link to a CA compliant parts kit that includes everything but the trigger, trigger guard, and grip - three very commonly upgraded parts. This way you pick the parts you like up front and don't waste money on parts you don't need in a kit.


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Nice! That's exactly what I need and wanted!!! Thanks Black Dog

Very happy to help!


Are you planning to build your upper as well, or buy a complete one?


Do you have a stock and buffer tube kit selected? If not, take a look at BCM, you can get everything in one kit. BCM is a great company, and the parts are all top notch. I would consider them for an upper as well if you are not building and don't have one in mind. Great selection, just have to catch the one you want in stock.


If you don't have a stock in mind (they have other colors, I just linked black as its common):



If you have a stock in mind and just want all the other parts:



We will of course want pics when you get it all finished! Good luck with it - let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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