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Question about scope for a Benelli M4 ?


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I maybe going coyote hunting this coming winter and i would like to use my Benelli M4 . What optic would some of you guys recommend? I've been on this forum from time to time and i know the aim point T-1 is a very popular sight and also the eotechs. I've never used a scope or red dot on a shotgun before so any suggestions would be appreciated .


Thanks for any help.

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I believe the top 2 favorites are the Aimpoint Micro T-2 or the Trijicon RMR (pick your favorite dot). Battery life on either are superior to any other solution and they're much lighter than the EOTechs.


If you go with the Aimpoint Micro T-2, the lowest Larue Tactical QD mount is your best bet (my opinion).


If you go RMR, they make a special rail that puts the RMR in co-witness with your sights.



Both pretty much last forever and are indestructible and have great resale value. I won't say the same about Leupold, Docter, Bushnell, or many others.


If you're looking for used, etc, the AR15.com EE (equipment exchange) forums always have used optics flowing through there.


Micro T-2 with mount runs ~$800


RMR with rail runs ~$550.

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Distance you'll be shooting from?


I just swapped an Insight MRDS (can't remember who bought them out) for the Trijicon RMR. I like to shoot co-witness and the Trijicon/Scalar works combo is ideal (for me).


Red dot MOA becomes a factor depending on distance too.

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I've had an ADM mount before. The thing is like buying a Chinese car. It's OK to try, but Larue mounts are farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr superior to ADM and the like. The ADM mount was almost "crunchy", adjusting the QD lever is laughable, and I destroyed one of their mounts within 10 minutes of having it by slightly over tightening.


Just my opinion, I don't work for either. It's worth it to pony up for Larue

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