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What spare parts should be keep on hand ?


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Ebay has a brand new 11707 barrel, ARGO system, piston assembly for 400 bucks right now -- all brand new. I'm tempted.


I keep a lot of the small parts on hand for my gunsmithing practice. I have those plastic boxes Walmart sells that have the little dividers inside for fishing lures or whatever. Brownells sends each part inside a yellow bag, so I cut the label off the bag, and drop it inside each square. Then I put those type of parts inside it.


Rather than the average user buy a lot of expensive little pins and springs, you'd be better served by buying something like a complete trigger group. It's more portable and will fix a problem faster than troubleshooting the many possible problems. Trouble shooting issues is much easier when you can just hot swap a trigger pack and see if the error persists.


The M4 will function on a single piston. I broke one early on and it kept chugging until the broken piece dislodged from the channel and jammed the bolt carrier. That took Benelli about a month to send a replacement. Buying a spare one isn't a cheap ordeal either.

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