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New Benelli M4 Trigger/Hammer Package


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The best materials have been used and all metals have been tested for hardness and chemistry to produce quality products.


All steel parts have been NP3+ coated to protect against corrosion and engineered for the smoothest trigger pull.



The best guarantee.


Feel free to send me a set and I will do a full review on it. ;)

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I had trouble with the FFT set. not saying anything bad about FFT at all I have some of their other offerings and they are great.. it just did not work in my m4. look up


benelli hammer issue


on youtube 1 min video.


I went with a breily hand fitted set bout 3.5# pull, more expensive. but would have had to replace trigger group parts as well as new trigger set. very happy with briely. and now compliant. your individulal trigger group geometry could cause an issue like mine did.

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Sometimes it isn't the aftermarket part that has tolerance issues. I've encountered trigger packs on the Benelli M4 platform where the trigger frame was out of spec. Benelli then fit the trigger components to fit that out of spec frame. So if you drop an in spec aftermarket component in to it, problems arise.


These have all been the cast aluminum frames. No issues with the Polymer units or the limited sample of A&S billet units I have handled (about 6 units now.)

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