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Buckshot Testing


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No holes were covered with placement of boxes or writing or box-ends. Keep an eye to the edges as some pellets barely nipped the target. All grid is 1". Three shots were fired for each loading at 25 yards, and their actual velocities were recorded. Velocities were recorded at 1m from the muzzle, so as to provide accurate readings on the load of shot, rather than the further distances used for pistol and rifle. The test platform was a Benelli Super Nova Tactical, which has an 18.5" chrome-lined CYL/non-constricted bore.



The best and worst patterning loads were then fired for 1 shot each, at 15, and 35 yards, to show the difference 10 yards +- would make in the pattern. No velocities were recorded for this.





*No, there was no mix-up with the Remington ammunition and velocities. I dunno what to say. Blame Big Green's QA/QC. Weird.





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Thanks for posting. My experience with that standard vel. "law enforcement" Remington buckshot is the same, like standing back 25 yds. and throwing a handful of marbles at a target.


Ok for plinking and messing around but, not for any serious SG work.

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