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NEW OWNER! Stiff pump action and ammo HELP!


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So i just purchased my new Benelli SuperNova. It seems to hang up a bit unless i muscle the shotgun a little bit. Now i know you can't just move the pump with one finger i know you have to put a little bit of force into it but i called benelli they told me to strip it clean and re lube it. I did that and it does feels much better. They also said there is a break in period as it is a BRAND new firearm. Maybe i'm just being anal and paranoid but i just don't want any issues. It has loosened up the more i play with it but it just had me a little worried. Am i just being a little too paranoid and worrisome or is it an issue worth looking into? And secondly... Seeing as my supernova is my very first shotgun, i'm a little lost with how all these kinds of shells work. I know birdshot is for birds and buck shot is for buck but idk what size shell to shoot and what i should shoot for clay pigeon shooting and so on. What's the point of bigger shells over the smaller shells, I know i will stick with Federal Ammo mainly because i shoot that in my Glock and Bushmaster XM-15 with no issues. I like Fiocchi ammo as well. It's an Italian gun so i might as well feed it Italian food right? ;) Sorry for being so un educated but it's just a bit overwhelming to me at the moment. I just got into firearms 2 years ago so i'm slowly learning each kind and shooting them. My next purchase is a Bolt Action Savage 110 Tactical. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Working the action on your new shotty wll loosen it up, so lube it and cycle it repeatedly. Don't worry, you won't go blind. :p


For or clays and such #8 shot is what I use.


Shot is kind of like copper wire, the bib bear the number the smaller the shot is in diameter.


Small shot for smaller targets at closer range. Heavier shot for larger targets, thicker skin/hide and longer distance.


#8 is smaller in diameter than #4, but #8 has more individual shot per shell.


#9 through #6 for dove, quail, grouse, etc


#6 through #4 for squirrel, pheasant, turkey, etc.


Shot larger than #4 is usually in the waterfowl category, thick feathers and longer shots.


However, 000 buckshot is larger in diameter than 00. The only sizes of buckshotI have encountered are/were 000, 00, 0 and #4. 00 is my preferred combination of size and quantity per shell.


For HD scenarios, I like the Winchester military grade 00, it is not terribly expensive and will not separate your shoulder when you shoot it through your pump gun at the range. Putting 3.5 inch rounds through a pump shotgun is a form of self flagelletion I can live without.


Some of the information above is my personal experience and the results of others may vary, aka YMMV.


Fet to a range or clays course and enjoy your new shotgun.

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With NO ammo in your Super Nova cycle the action in full strokes several hundred times. Not necessary to drop the hammer, so just press the bolt release and start pumping. Doing so dry without any lube would net the best results. Again, MAKE SURE your gun is unloaded before doing this. I did this to a Rock Island pump and now when the bolt release is pressed with the muzzle up the action falls completely open.



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