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Super New to Shotguns - Ammo training/plinking


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Hello and got my first shot gun (m4). Go big or go home. Still learning about the weapon (am a Former Marine, so shooting isn't new) but looking to breaking it in and just general cheap /decent ammo to shoot .


I will maintain good home defense ammo and will train with it at some point in the near future. Trying to Google/you tube info from experienced shooters.


Any advice on decent ammo to break this in and not kill the wallet to badly?


thank you in advance.

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thank you! I use ammoseek and since I am in cali, have to ship it to a ffl to get best deals!


any particular... load I should look for? I think bird shot is the cheapest to shoot and that would be more for practicing reloading and practicing immediate action!


thank you again!!


Ahh.. any particular types, Winchester, federal?


if not bird, buck? lol.. lots to learn.. a lot!!!

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I just purchased an M4 (American) and it only came with 1 choke tube (Modified). I shot some 3 inch turkey loads in it at 30 yards and was impressed with the pattern. My question is where can I buy more choke tubes that are standard tubes for the Benelli? Or maybe I should ask who manufactures the Benelli tubes? The tube I have seems to shoot just fine and I want to purchase more. No need to brake the bank with other tubes when Benelli's work just as I want them to.

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