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M4 fails to load 3rd round


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Sorry i also typod this. This is an M2 not an M4. The plug is installed and no other modifications. The 3rd shell always gets hung up. If i pull back the bolt and release it will chamber the round. I have completely disassembled and lubricated everything. It's always the 3rd round.  



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If this was a gun with an extended magazine tube I would tell you the magazine spring it too short/too weak – the last round coming out of the tube does not get pushed all the way back into the action....but since its a factory length tube something else may be the problem....but I would try a new magazine tube spring first, and make sure the plug is installed properly and not binding up the spring.

When reassembling the magazine parts:

Follower > spring > plug (with big end toward the muzzle) > spring cap

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Is the FPS higher than 1300 on your shells?  I had a similar problem, my shells had FPS under 1200 so there wasnt enough recoil to fully cycle the rounds.  Once i started using above like 1280 i think, it hasnt jammed since.  but previously jammed every other shell.  i think you can use lighter shells once the gun is broken in.

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