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Salvo 12 Suppressor on M4 SBS

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I’m looking into getting a Salvo 12 suppressor, but if I do, I would want to SBS my (currently stock 18.5” barrel) M4. As I understand it though, the SBS barrel is not threaded for chokes, which is how the Salvo 12 attaches. Has anybody encountered this or found a way around it? Any suggestions? 

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@DFWSFO  Thanks for pulling me in

This is great to hear.  Steve at Rose Action got back to me last night and said no go on threading a M1 Super 90 14" factory barrel as it is too thin for Crio chokes.  He advised they can do a Tru-Choke on a Benelli barrel, but SilencerCo doesn't have a Tru-Choke adapter for the Salvo.  So I need to ping SilencerCo and see if there are any updates on that front.   

@jimbo45  Which barrel model and length did you send them?  I have a M1 Super 90 and considering buying the 14" barrel for it therefore this is very interesting to me.  

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21 hours ago, jimbo45 said:

Briley threaded my sbs for the standard benelli chokes and I have my salvo mounted on it. Would highly recommend.


Was that a M1 barrel, or M4 barrel ?

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