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Benelli M4 Website Picture Change


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About 3 month ago I was looking at the Benelli M4 in  Cerakote finish.  2 months ago I ordered it. But now within the last week I see Benelli change the website picture.  Which gun is coming?  The new picture shows a lot less titanium color on it.  Trigger frame, top rail, receiver internals and front ring. 



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The top photo looks like the older original model that was NP3 plated by ROBAR. You can tell by the bolt and trigger guard which are silver colored. The bottom photo is the newer H2O model which is a Ceracoted finish. The bottom is what Benelli is now shipping. They no longer make the true NP3 plated model.

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3 hours ago, remarkable said:

Here is a photo of the current version being shipped to dealers, this gun was delivered to a dealer at the end of July.  Please note this gun has a 7 shot extension and is 922R compliant.

Please let me know if you would like any other details.

Benelli H20 M4.jpg

Benelli M4 H2O.JPG

Remarkable, has that second batch of guns arrived yet?

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If I am not mistaken, in the factory flavor (unmodified) the originals had the silver trigger housing like pictured vs the later ones that were black. There were some notable differences in the collapsible stock versions as well. I've got one of the elusive, and now quite expensive 11711 models of the H2O. Beautiful guns.


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