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Co-witness RMR

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My default is to go with the RMR RM09 which is a 1 moa dot size optic. I don't see a reason to ever use the larger moa dots. The 1 moa is fast to find since you have a pretty solid cheek weld that guides your face to the optic. Currently on mine are 3.5 moa models since the smaller dot size ones were moved to other platforms.


I don't like busy sights and I hate looking thru a tube on a firearm that is meant for more close quarters engagements. So I remove the iron sights from my M4's that have the RMR present. This cuts about 4 ounces of weight which more than offsets the gains of the RMR and Scalarworks Sync rail.

Now if you find that the optic sits too low, there are spacer options of 2.5 and 10mm that will raise the optic slightly. This may make sighting more comfortable when using the middle position of the collapsible stock.


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