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First cleaning and disassemble/reassemble

Juliett Whiskey

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Just cleaned her for the first time( M4), and put back together... HOWEVER, now when I tilt her, barrel up and then barrel down, it makes a sound like something is rattling around in the barrel.. took her apart, and is it normal for the Argo pistons, both to freely slide fwd and back? That’s the noise, I confirmed it. Did I lube it too much or did I jack something up?   Thx in advance! Obviously new owner and still learning her ins and outs! JW

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I haven't oiled the pistons. I clean them run them and wipe them down. I'm new to the M4 so I'm not entirely sure that's correct. Seems like they would get gemmed up if I oiled them. 

I noticed my pistons moving more freely after I cleaned them. 

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