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I don't get it- a barrel, that is...


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I'm beginning to think that there needs to be an "I Hate Benelli" forum here along with a moderator (I'll volunteer) who will move all of that crap where it belongs. If someone wants to post a valid question about a problem or whatever, fine. Just take the whining and crying somewhere else. I don't post much here but I read it every day and I've never seen a product specific forum with so many one or two time posters that just want to say how bad the product/company is. Maybe it's because of the tens of thousands of Benellis out there that are perfect. Somebody hears so much good about them and then happens to be the one in 10,000 that has a problem and they think the world just ended. Who knows.

WAAAAAA! Man up and solve your problem yourself.


[ 01-10-2006, 08:36 PM: Message edited by: IdahoDucker ]

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Not that I really need to mention this, but your reading comprehension needs some work :rolleyes:


"If someone wants to post a valid question about a problem or whatever, fine."


Feel free to post what you want, but I feel just as free to be all over you like white on rice if I think you are merely promoting your own personal agenda smile.gif


It goes both ways folks...


mudhen - CA

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Hi Folks,


About 10 years ago I went to an official Benelli dealer way up near Boston. He had four very high priced Benelli's in stock and extra barrels! These shotguns were way out of my league and I went into sticker shock. A week later I was back with my checkbook in hand ready to buy and all the Benelli's plus the barrels were gone. So my question is, do the new Bennelli Mudhen shotguns come in 20 guage with shortened stocks for women?

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