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What is the difference between a 61028 and 61171 Benelli collapsible stock?


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So, someone please educate me on the proper parts and their part numbers...

I want to remove the collapsible stock off of my SuperNova LE (s/n: Z0953***B) and install it on my M3 Combat (s/n: M808***B).

What is the part number of the c.stock kit on my SuperNova? Is it the 61171?


Will I have to the part number 61028 on my M3? This is what I'm dealing with right now (see attached pics)... One of the problems is the trigger guard housing on the M3. Is the 61028's pistol grip designed to incorporate the different trigger guard of the M3?

I know this particular topic has been beat to death, but any updated information or guidance is greatly appreciated.


Semper Fidelis!






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Don't remove the tube from the Supernova. Not only is the plastic in danger of being heat damaged, but the receiver is difficult to hold in a vice.

What you want to achieve is basically the New Zealand M3 configuration:

Benelli M3 - Wikiwand


You would want: 70136 (or 61364)70078, and 61171 (Supernova Plastic stock assembly). The plastic stock doesn't have a public part number, so you will even up with a extra pistol grip.

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Got it, and much appreciated.

Our armorer/gunsmith was also told the same thing basically. He says that in order for my M3 (w/ an assembly date from 2012) to be able to have the collapsible stock, I would need 1) a M4 Pistol Grip Assembly (70078), 2) a SuperNova Multi Position Stock Tube for Collapsible Stock, For S/N's Before Z543224 (61364), and the SuperNova Collapsible Stock itself (which, like you stated, does not have it's own separate part number). If we can't track down the entire SuperNova Collapsible Stock Assembly (61171), the SuperNova LE that I already have will just have to be a "donor".

A BIG "Thanks" Doge for the confirmation and advice! You sound as if you might know a thing or two about Benelli shotguns...?????

Next question... Will I need to use a M4 Pistol Grip Retaining Block (70079)? We just happened to notice this particular part and was curious if it was required for the M4 Pistol Grip to fit on to the M3.

Thanks again for the help & wisdom!

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If you do go the route above, the trigger guard helps hold your stock square on your M3 whereas on the SuperNova, it is held by the holes top and bottom. Is it possible/feasible to trim the trigger guard and drill that alignment hole in the M3? I know the new ones are quite a bit different than the ones I have which use a completely different recoil assembly type since they obviously have no receiver extension extending out the back. 

Another idea airborne, is in the early 90's there were limited imports of top folding M3T's. Factory correct ones will be HK marked and the folding stock will lock into the rear sight. If someone made one (non-factory) it will work, but it will not lock as the sights are slightly different position. I know collapsible is not folding, but just in case you weren't familiar. They pop up for sale periodically on GunBroker.com and other auction sites and generally go for $2k - $3k except during COVID/panic prices.

Here's mine:

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