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“New” M3

Genetically Swiss

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Good day ladies and gentlemen, this my first post here and I am hoping that I posted in the correct place.  I was finally able to upgrade to a Benelli from my old Mossberg 590A1.  The 590A1 served me well and never faltered, but I have always wanted a Benelli.  So today I purchased a like new in box Benelli M3 (date code CS - 2017), I was fortunate to get the original box and all accoutrements.  I am well pleased.  Thank you for allowing me onto your forum.  I hope to learn a great deal.



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Thank you for the welcome.  Here are a couple of photos.  Can anyone tell me who, besides Midwest Gun Works makes a magazine tube extension for the Benelli M3?  I checked my usual go to Nordic, Daves Metal Works and also Briley but it did not appear either of them did.  Benelliparts.net has a factory 7-round magazine(s) for $200, but I am hesitant to buy from him because of some things I’ve read here.






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10 hours ago, Freelancer99 said:

Benelliparts has been 100% professional, shipped parts the same or next day with parts that are in stock, and on pre-order items, they arrived many weeks before the estimate. 

Antoine answers the phone if you call, and has been very courteous.

That's my experience.

Mine experiences have been exactly this as well, and would not hesitate to purchase from them again. 

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Congrats on your new M3 and welcome to the forum. Though it is not as popular as the newer M4 it is a neat shotgun with its somewhat unique semi auto / pump capabilities. There may be others, but off the top of my head, only the Franchi SPAS-12 and SPAS-15 shotguns offered this feature.

I haven't handled the newer re-runs, but I have a pair of older H&K import M3T folders that I really like. I don't know how many parts differ between those original release and the newer release starting ~5-7 years ago, but I read somewhere on here that the mag tube isn't the same between the early 90's imports versus the new ones. However, I think your newer one should take the tube you ordered so you should be good. Also, someone on these forums posted that a collapsible stock from M4 will fit and work though the lines aren't quite identical.

The M3T folders are a little different and can't be fully functional as an "add-on" stock. The folding portion locks into the rear sight and if memory serves, the location is slightly different on these.



Benelli M3T folders (pair) - small.jpg

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