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My new M4


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Oh for sure.  It is impressive, bask and enjoy the glow.  

A bigger mag tube might be the biggest and most common upgrade folks make.  
There are lots of folks making/providing tubes too - if you are not married to the official Benelli steel tube.  On this forum SOCOMguy makes excellent steel tubes, Dave's Metal Works shop makes nice steel tubes, Freedom Fighter Tactical makes steel tubes and titanium tubes, Carrier Comp makes nice titanium tubes, Briley makes a nice carbon fiber tube.  Titanium and the carbon will save you some weight on the gun - something like 5.5 to 7oz I think is what it works out to.

If you do upgrade the tube, you may want to be aware of 922(r) compliance - long story short, when you change the OEM configuration, then you have to replace a certain number of OEM (Italian) Benelii parts with Made in the USA parts.  A good primer/walk through is here: Learn 922(r) – Freedom Fighter Tactical

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bigdog02, Thanks for the info. I have been lurking on the forum and have noticed the different options for a tube. The 922(r) requirements I am not familiar with. Thank you for the info. This forum is a wealth of good information. 

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We are all happy to help.  This forum helped me out a ton when I got here - same as you, I read A LOT and just tried to soak up the knowledge.  

922 can be a little big at first until you get into it and see the parts that are available and some of them are super easy to replace.  If you go with with a new US made tube for example and a US made follower, there are 2 of your 3 (or 4) parts already to cover 922.

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