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new furnace..which gun and load??


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just wondering which gun and load I should use on my furnace ... here's the conditions:


house is 6 months old

-18 degrees outside

52 degrees inside

HVAC contractor isn't responding to calls


Hears the delemna ....


- I can't decide whether to shoot the F#*$%!>@ thing with:

a new unproven 673 350mag w/200grn

a hand-me-down custom .375 H&H w/270grn,

an Ithaca model 10 10ga. w/T-shot,

-or- do I go with the SBE and fill'er full of #4 Hevi-shot????


:mad: :confused: :mad:

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how about a little bit of each ;)


i know how ya feel, a couple winters ago our theromstat went out on cold windy night.


and your wife always complains about all the big heavy duck hunting camo. HA! whos laughing now! ;)


keep warm!

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when dealing with major apliences ive found fire arms to be totaly ineffecticve i would just take a can of speer green dot poke a hole in the top stuff a fuse in it and head for the hills dont forget to up your home owners and take some dog food (the quicky mart charges too much and they never have the right brand)

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thanks all!! ....with the aid of a few bottles of early times and 6 space heaters.. I made it through yesterday.


I'd love to be able to tell you guys that I snapped and lit'er up but a friend of mine came over with the heaters and got me out ice fishing.


When I returned @ 11:30pm a message from the contractors office said," sorry for this inconvienience but the entire service and installation staff is on company outing this weekend. If you still need assistance they will be returning on sunday evening after the super bowl....". :mad:


Even after that I just wasn't quite 'full' enough to lock and load. tongue.gif


pardon the whinnig however ... good advice!! thnx again!

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