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Always double check your trusted gunsmiths work


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Took my M4 apart to send some parts to Wright for NP3 coating, and thought I'd check out the recoil assembly tube to verify putting a spare non-Np3 together before selling it.


Well, imagine my surprise when I saw this...

It shoots okay, but that's not the issue.


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I could have done that for half price?. Seriously though at least your tube doesn’t look scratched up. I believe the boogered  up part is the Stock Retaining Screw. They’re only about $26 at Midwest. I’d be annoyed also but it’ was a cheap lesson, if you decide to find a new smith.

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1 minute ago, Doge said:

big oof.

Exactly why I made my own screwdriver since I never found a decent one off the shelf. There should really be a M1014 armorer's tool in the box of every brand new box.

Thing is, its not that difficult to screw in on its own, even under spring tension. There's also supposed to be a snap ring to prevent the screw from walking out.

I've tried different ways to get something to bite on the going areas, but I can't tell if the threads have been treated with locktite or not as there is no give at all to back it out 

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4 minutes ago, Doge said:

So there was no snap ring inside? I was under the impression the screw was all damaged and that was the issue.

You don't need the thread locker on this screw. It should unscrew easily.

I realize no thread locker, but I don't know if this gunsmith used it because its very tight and almost ripped a thumb nail trying to remove it with a piece a metal that fit into the tooling points.

It doesn't appear he even compared the removed normal finish tube assembly to build the NP3 assembly. I dont even know if he inserted the retaining ring in the front of the tube with what I've seen done in the rear

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3 minutes ago, Doge said:

It can be a burr on the threads, I've seen it often on the tubes.

Whatever it was, it should have been communicated to me of the issue. Its a integrity factor as well as a safety issue.

You don't just slap the collapsing stock on it and hope the poor assembly isn't discovered on a $3000 plus shotgun

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2 hours ago, Milspec said:

Was this done by Benelli?

No. A local gunsmith to my location.


Previously good work. Returned the shotgun with stock on to conceal the shoddy work. Only discovered when stock  removed to cross reference for a assembly of another complete tube.

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1 hour ago, bambihunter said:

Take it back in and see what he has to say about it.

Thats what I did, but seeing that SD is now in full pheasant season I'm having a bit of delay and,  expected locating and delivery of a to better suited to removing or installing the screw 

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