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SBE II drilled & tapped?


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I hear some early SBE II's were not drilled & tapped.


I've never seen an undrilled & untapped SBE II since the first SBE II I saw in 2004.


Anyone got an early SBE II that is not drilled & tapped?


Just curious...


I bought a BPS one year, and the ads said the stock was synthetic. Turned out to be painted wood from the previous year's batch :mad: And it broke :mad: Sent it back to Browning asking for a synthetic replacement...got another crappy painted wood stock :mad:


mudhen - CA

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I heard a rumor they didn't drill LH guns because they were discriminating against lefties. Threatened with litigation, they broke down ... but I think there might be lingering resentment. tongue.gif tongue.gif


Say, mudhen ... how many wood stocks have you broken? You've got to be the shootenist son of a gun west of the Mississippi. smile.gif smile.gif

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I got your lingering resentment righ here!! :cool:


See. This is how it goes.

I take my meds and try to remain calm.

I say my "Ohhhmmmms" and all of that breathing stuff with legs crossed and fingers stuck together like I got something on them.


Then one or two of these Forum Bullies start in on me.... picking, and poking (well - maybe not poking), but you know what I mean.


Help me, member number 1, you're my only hope. :mad:

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HMmmm ... the plot THICKENS! smile.gif I wonder what those eye-talians could have against Gander Mountain. Aside from the incongruous name ... ganders are normally associated with ponds and fields, not mountains ... right??? Ever seen ganders sashaying around ridges and cliffs?



This might steer the trail away from the disputatious lefty theory ahey??? :D Speaking of whom ... looking at it from the right ... I mean bright side ... perhaps that's why so many lefties been driven to become so successful ... poking I mean. :D An occasional “prod” can be healthy for mind and body. (Smile) Can get the blood circulating. The mind cogs may be stirred to creak and rotate ... overcoming the natural adhesive properties of the congealed lubricants. Breathing may increase in speed and volume. We can become more focused and aware. We may revisit old, tried and true techniques that have slipped into disuse; like ... say ... controlling our emotions. We can reconnect with our Devine deity. (Or deities in some less progressive types) Yes , surely the patience, understanding and wisdom which are the means of the Forum Masters; can teach us “The Way” ... to quell ... and reform those suspected of “Forum Bullying?” Or ... then again ... we can just go over to the “Dark Side” like somebody else we know. (And love) :cool: :cool:


You know ... this joe117 guy ... just might fit in after all. :eek: :eek:

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Perhaps ... I've been a tad hasty in my theory ... ??? :eek: :eek: :eek: I of course meant no disrespect to ANY of my left handed brethren. Why ... some of my best friends are lefty!


(Wonder if the boys on "Refuge Forum" are less prone to radical behavior modification techniques???) :cool: :cool:

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My SBE II was not drilled and tapped. I wanted to add a scope for turkey season so I took it to a gunsmith. BE WARNED the barrel is very hard steel. I guess Benelli wasn't joking when they talked about crio-hardening. The average gunsmith will pull their hair out drilling and tapping a SBE II. A few weeks and more money than I wanted to spend later I have a Burris Speed Dot installed. The gunsmith destroyed several carbide drill bits and two sets of taps.

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