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Your opinion: did this company just threaten me?


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RxArms makes a good point, but on the surface of it, that sounds like a threat to defame your character to the "wider shooting community" over a dispute between two parties. We have no idea what transpired - obviously - but it sounds like that company is worked up enough that they are read to reach for the red button. I hope it get resolved before it really goes south.

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Sound’s like a threat to expose what they are claiming to be a fraud, perpetrated against their company. Obviously, without more information from you and them, I can’t comment, if there’s any justification for the statement.

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Wild speculation here, but given the frankly strange vagueness of the topic, and this being the Internet where wild speculation is the soup de jour ...

If the Company is legitimately concerned that the Customer is, say, selling Product X to the "wider shooting community" that is advertised as incorporating the Company's top of the line Component A when, in fact, Product X actually incorporates the Company's bottom of the barrel Component Z, then maybe the Company has a point that the Customer is defrauding the "wider shooting community" - not just the Company.

But if this is just about the Company not getting paid on time, or even not at all, due to a dispute with the Customer over, say, product quality, a late delivery, etc, then threatening to go with the nuclear option of reaching out to the "wider shooting community" seems extreme.

Unless, of course, Vladimir Putin is on the Company's management team in which case anything is possible.





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