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$52 forend rail with light mount


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I have been looking for a light mount for my M4 for quite some time and they were not what I wanted do I decided to assemble one my self.

I used a falcon industries 4" rail (cut down to 3.5") and a LDI 1" ring mount. I spent about four hours shaping the recess in the stock forend to accept the rail. It took awhile because I wanted to ensure it was square and plumb to the bore and there were few refrence areas I could take measurements from. The following photos explaine much.








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deasmuth,you've got to recieve the engineer award of the year ,,thats beautiful simplicity of ingenuity is great,,Not Bulky,,totally Low Profile,,LITE,,Cost effecient,,materials used nill,,,labor,,,less than blinking,,,these other companies ought to take serious note,,,, ;)

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Thank you M1014, I have the utmost respect for your opinions and that means alot. -next I want to make a shotgun flash suppressor (like what you have) that will screw into the choke threads, and allow me to use door breaching rounds.


I purchased the 4" rail direct from Falcon industries for $25, it came with mounting hardware (I had to cut two of the tabs as seen in the second picture) and two low profile rail covers. I dremelled two ribs off the end (receiver side) of the rail for optimum fit. The mounting ring is a Laser Devices (#30183) 1" NATO mil-spec allen bolt. I purchased it from Gander tactical for $30 (they price match so look around for the best price and email them)



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I like d's approach as well, but take a look at the Streamlight part # 69903 Mag Tube Rail. It's a two nub, one groove rail, made of some sort of very tough-feeling nylon or plastic. Extremely lightweight, attaches to the mag tube with no less than three bolts and nuts. Also extremely low profile. I've got about 100 rounds through an M1 with one of these and a fairly heavy Surefire, with no sighs of wear or stress.

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