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Barrel blew up


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I just bought a super nova in October. I took it out dove hunting six times always shot Kent 2 3/4” #6 shot out of it. This past weekend I took it out and shout 10 Eurasian doves before having my barrel blow up on me. I always keep the gun really clean I never dropped it in the mud nothing in the barrel. Just not sure what happened. Maybe it was a bad shell. I called Benelli they said they won’t cover it and now I’m working with Kent to see if they can do anything. I’m devastated my first gun I ever bought and this happens. Any tips on what to do before I have to buy a new gun or barrel? IMG_8037.thumb.jpeg.948e69ba7f29400589e5b5349dd27d2c.jpegIMG_8038.thumb.jpeg.5bce6f5f0e0503eef5bc66636fdde053.jpegIMG_8025.thumb.jpeg.d97ac645ce23940c7a71c971f0bcc3a5.jpegIMG_8021.thumb.jpeg.9bec81bd7c3c72d9cac4163b28fc776c.jpegIMG_8026.thumb.jpeg.a22b275cd3dd8addc2ed82284d68b739.jpeg

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Other than the smart ass sounding answer of Stop shooting Kent, no.

Partial squib or stuck wad (which is sort of the same thing I suppose).

Were your gun not camo I'd suggest buying a Huglu barrel from Carlson's, but obviously it won't match.  Buying a new replacement camo barrel may not make sense money wise, compared to the cost of the whole gun.  Used barrels show up on Ebay and Gunbroker all the time, but generally not camo ones.

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