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Hmmm My Guess would be a Semi Auto 10 Gauge with a Fully Rifled Barrel and A High Velocity 3 in. or 3 1/2 Saboted Slug within 75 yards... yea i wouldnt see why not... Or a 12 Gauge with a fully rifled barrel and a high velocity... and knock down power 3 inch saboted slug within maybe 50 or 25 yards... yea... But good luck getting that close to one of them things...

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You could cram the barrel full of dynomite and run some det cord to it and cover the whole thing with hay, then when the elephant came over to ... oh, you wrote shoot an elephant with a shotgun, I thought you wrote kill an elephant with a shotgun....nevermind.


oh fooy, I did not mean to upset anyone. My apologies.


[ 02-08-2006, 07:08 AM: Message edited by: deasmuth ]

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You would probably Piss Off the elephant more than hurting it. The chances are, if you have an Elephant charging you, you will probably drop a load in your pants before you unload with just a shotgun. There is a reason they require minimum .375H&H/9.3x74R for Dangerous Game.


You take your shotgun, I'll have my .470Nitro Express with me!



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