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benelli vs stoeger


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Good answer tucker...lol. But to attempt to answer summerjacks question...there is alot of technology that goes into making Benellis. Also, with the inertia design, they are a unique functioning gun. As opposed to gas operation, there is much less fouling to deal with hence a cleaner operation. Also, made in Italy, it costs a little more to get it over here. The 3 inch gun is just that the maximum size shell it will handle is a 3'', not a 3.5''. For my part, they are extremely user friendly easy to clean and maintain, few moving parts and to just drive home what tucker said, the performance is worth the price. GO BENELLI!!! :cool:

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Hey you lazy arse, do your own homework, you get what you pay for here!


Ok, that wasn't nice, sorry.


Ok, here's my take:


Stoeger's shoot fine, if you don't mind all the piddly complaints. Look on Stoeger's forum. A few hours with my Dremel tool with some grinding, polishing, and maybe a few new springs from Wolffe, and the gun would run fine.


Benelli bought Stoeger because it was cheaper to buy them than to fight them over the M2000 Benelli knock-off. This is a fact.


As to the price, absolutely, being an Italian company has something to do with it, as does demand in that Benelli sells every gun it makes usually well in advance of the gun's production.


If Beretta Holdings treats Benelli USA as a customer partner as opposed to a true subsidiary, that too could be affecting the price.


Benellis in Europe are not priced the same as they are outside of Europe. It costs a lot of $$$ to get Italian products into the US; ocean or airfreight, customs & duties, etc.


I bet we would all be surprised to see what an 11-87 costs in Europe.


Tucker, why not call Europe and find out what they sell an 11-87 for, I know that should keep your ADHD busy for 5-6 minutes...


The trick is to really work your gun shop owner for a good price. Most of us are able to get a half-way decent price with a little whining and groveling....


mudhen - CA

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The Stoeger 2000 is made in Turkey by Vursan which is of course a Beretta holding. The 2000 employs the functionality of the Benelli inertia system but does not have the fit and finish of the italian Benelli name. Producing the gun in Turkey and the finish work alone is enough to drastically reduce the price.


I have held but never shot the 2000, I choose to purchase the benelli but the quality seemed to match the price IMO.

Each model 2000 is suposed to be test fired by machine 1000 times before leaving the plant... I have been thinking about purchasing one just to try out...


Also, Stoeger was not directly purchase by Beretta, Stoeger was owned by Sako of Finland, and when Beretta purchased Sakko and Tikka in 2000, Stoeger came with it.


Hope that helps some..

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Pardon me, I didn't think this crowd cared about the semantics of corporate acquisitions and mergers.


Beretta Holdings acquired the Stoeger/Sako (with Tikka being run by Sako I think?) group in 2000. The decision was partially fueled by Stoeger's introduction of the M2000 that was being marketed as a Benelli for less money. I believe an international patent expired that allowed Stoeger to essentially copy the Benelli inertia system.


Beretta Holdings, who had already acquired Benelli many years earlier, decided that Benelli USA would manage Stoeger in order to control the perception that the M2000 was just as good as a Benelli. I think Benelli USA has done a fine job in controlling the M2000 and keeping it from even remotely approaching the quality of any Benelli product.


Beretta kept Sako & Tikka under their control. BTW - I love the Tikka T3!


As the Benelli USA group surges ahead, you will see more and more crossover. The Franchi I-12 is mostly Benelli, the Stoeger P350 is basically a Nova, etc.


I think it is the good-better-best approach. Benelli USA is looking to cover all it's bases....


Sorry guys, it's the OCD talking...


mudhen - CA

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Is it possible to rustle a Mudhens feathers ? ;)


I am assuming OCD = out of control drinking?


Great, a druken mudhen...


Just kidding Mudhen !


IMO I think the fact that Beretta owns Sako ( and of course Stoeger) and the reasons for the merger are very important to this crowd. At least anyone who is considering buying one....


You said it yourself that one of the reasons ( certainly NOT the only) was because Stoeger was marketing a Turkish made knockoff that resembled a Benelli for half the price ( the model 2000 ).


With strong sales of the Model 2000, it would make great sense to aquire the company, and now "license" the design to Stoeger and then prophet either by buying the real deal or the knockoff.. Its a win-win situation. That says alot....


Now for me, based on that.. THe ONLY reason I would even consider buying a stoeger 2000 is because they are owned by Beretta.


Now regardless of whether its a knockoff or not, at least now I know that the quality is going to be based on a Beretta standard, rather than just a factory in Turkey who is producing guns as cheaply as possible for import for Stoeger with whatever materials happen to come in that month...


Oh, and I agree the T3 is great. I bought one last year for an Elk hunting trip at the last minute, and I was very impressed with the rifle. ( Being that it was so light it kicked pretty good on the bench 300WSM, but a dream to carry all day!! ).


take care.

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"The Stoeger is made in Turkey. Also has a different recoil spring. Other than

that they are pretty much the same. They wanted to make a gun that was similar

to the Benelli that is affordable. Stoeger is half the price, but you don't get

as many options as you do with the Benelli. Example you cannot adjust the drop

on the Stoeger. You can on the Benelli."



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Just read the thread, and have to add my 2 cents about Sako's. They make some nice rifles. Tikka's are a little more cost effective than Sako's but good guns in there own right. My buddy has a tactical T3 with a ridiculous nobody is safe springfield armory scope on it. It shoots nice, but its no Sako TRG-42 (chambered in 338 Lapua Mag of course.) Thats one sick round, ouch my shoulder and my wallet hurt just thinking of that combo.


[ 06-13-2005, 11:36 PM: Message edited by: FN_FAL ]

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Hey cherok9878; why don't you give it a rest. did I ever really do anything to you? If I have insulted you please tell. Or you could you know just not respond to this post and pretend that it was never here, and keep wasting your time and at the same time making an enemy. the less enemies you have the better. I do not understand why you hold this grudge over nothing really, and now all of your posts are wasted on relating to me.


there are a few possabilities here


1 you don't have a life


2 you won't get over anything or let anything go


3 your just a sick person that gets sadistic pleasure in insulting people on a forum that is meant to provide public knowlege


4 you don't have a real motive your just mental


5 high blood pressure


6 too many children


7 dislike of microsoft*


8 not enough sleep


9 overworked


10 you knew me in high school


I'm not saying all of them are true they are just possable issues.

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