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Saguaro Kid

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Originally posted by Saguaro Kid:

Well I'm not suprised there are people like you on the internet!!!!

Actually this is one time that I have to stand up and say that TUCKER301 is right on the mark.


The gun was conceived, designed and built specifically for SPROTING CLAYs. In fact I am looking at getting one in the near future.


If you wanted a gun that can do most of it you should consider either an M2 or SBE II. I have the M2 and it has done everything for me except the slug gun issue. The only reason that I don't have a slug gun is that I have no need for one.



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Originally posted by Saguaro Kid:

Well I'm not suprised there are people like you on the internet!!!!

"Dear Ferarri,

I recently purchased one of your new sports cars and I was wondering if you knew where I could find a trailer hitch for it. I need to be able to pull my pop-up camper and my duck boat.

Also, will any mud flaps fit it, or do I have to get a special kind?"

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I think your analogy of a sports car and the S.S is way off base after all doesn't the S.S. and the S.B.E.II use the same operating system? Anyway I drive a 3500 Chevy Duramax and pull either my 32' 5th wheeler or my Ranger fisherman with it. If I would have asked you if there was a slug barrel for the S.S. out on the shooting range and you came up with some smart remark this 6'3" 230# Viet Nam Vet farm boy would have wraped that comfort tech stock around your forehead, then you'd think mommie!!! You can take is forum and stick it!!!!

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Check out the info posted for the Super sport under Firearms...


The Benelli SuperSport is the ultimate “speed gun” for sporting clays.


Now this is the info on the new Cordoba from the same website...




Inspired by the high volume dove shooting found around Cordoba, Argentina, Benelli engineers designed the Cordoba as a lighting fast hunting gun with all the advanced features of a serious sporting clays shotgun.


This is probably what you want if you want a gun like the SS that does everything.


Check out the infor for yourself...



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Originally posted by Saguaro Kid:

Tucker ain't got enough overies ta give his real address, that's the police station in Waterloo Ia.

He's trying to display his IT capabilties.

meh. it's the internet and while I have more

"respect" for you than tucker so far I have to say you'll have a rough time on forums if you take some of these people that seriously.


he's bringing the rage intentionally and just playing with your emotions.


most often done when other arguements fail.


edit: redface.gif


oopsie. I :owned self by not checking the dates on that thread prior to posting.





[ 11-08-2005, 05:29 PM: Message edited by: KoolBreeze ]

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