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bennelli nova shotgun


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Originally posted by robk:

to me the nova is the best pump out there and won't shoot another one. i went for the bennelli over the remington 870 express which is a good gun in it;s right but the bennelli is tops in my minds eye

rob k

and i shot some 3.5" and the nova held it just fine and didn't throw me like a couple of other pumps i shot. also they have a unit you can add to the nova to help you with recoil and will also help if you have a longer lop as well

the 870 is a **** of a lot cheaper
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Originally posted by tucker301:

the 870 is a **** of a lot cheaper
Truer words were never written. [/QB]It seems that the general consensus is that the Nova is a better gun than the 870 Express. That may be. But what about the 870 Wingmaster. I have one of those that is over 30 years old and still going strong. I would not trade it for any thing. Now back to the Nova.


With all of the comments to date about it, I wonder how it will be perceived 30 years from now? If it will still be in production in the same form so that those 30 year old guns can get repair parts if they ever wear out. That will be the judge, jury and executioner for this gun.


I wish it well as the new 870.

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First of all the 870 is twenty bucks cheaper than a nova and if your spending 300$ twenty bucks is not evan icing on the cake


and IN 30 years there will be no atmosphere and all the Gamma radiation from the sun is not going to be filtered and were either giong to start sprouting tumers or be turning into wolfmen :eek:

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