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turkey chokes


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i also have a nova and i use a gobble stopper tube by tru glo. i have measured it to be about .648 and does really well with #6 shot but not too great with anything else. i use winchester supreme HV and can consistantly but 10-20 pellets in the head and neck at 40yds. the problem is that for some odd reason thisa tube will not fit in my sbe. its a little tight fit in the nova and goes in about half way and sticks tighter than **** in the sbe!!! i have been meaning to contact tru glo but haven't got around to it. has any one else had this problem.

i'm looking into the factory style tubes from cabelas in a .665 this should do better with #5s and #4s.

i would also like to know about the benelli extended tube be BRILEY and does anyone know the diameter or the constriction of this tube?


thanks for any help guys!


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I used the HS Strut Undertaker and had excellent patterns with it. Unfortunately mine seized up in my barrell after shooting 3.5" mags. It was well oiled and clean. I guess it was built on a Friday, because when we FINALLY got it out of the barrell after a week it was ballooned out in the middle.


I took it back to the store instead of going through HS Strut. Again, outstanding patterns and this was most likely an isolated incident.

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I use either the H.S. Strut Undertaker or the Tru-Glo Gobble Stopper with Federal Grand Slam 3 1/2" #5's. I've had really good expreriences with both. A friend of mine also uses the Mad Max from Mark Drury (MAD Call). I'm SERIOUSLY considering switching to it. I counted 89 in the kill zone with the Undertaker and the Tru-Glo, and my friend counted 91 with the Mad Max at 35 yards, along with 70 pellets at 45 with the Max.


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I think another good choke is the Comp-N-Choke. It also has the feature of being ported so it can at least help take some of the bite out of the 3 1/2" shells. I also can attest to the long range effectiveness of Hevi-shot with the right choke tube. Last fall I was able to shoot a hen at a measured 72 yards. I normally would not even attempt a shot at that range, but I had confidence in the gun since I have it scoped and had shot out to 60 yards while patterning. I think most every choke out there will pattern well, you just have to find which shells shoot the best out of your chosen tube.

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i have patterned the factory full in my browning gold with three inch winchester HV #6 and i would not feel comfortable shooting at a turkey much further then 25 yards. the full benelli tube has a constriction of .036 and turkey tubes are much tighter with constrictions up to .075.

when your target is roughly the size of a playing card i'll take any advantage i can get.

but if you do know your ranges and limit your shot you can kill a turkey with any choke tube.


good luck!

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