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Federal High Energy Cartidges


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Well OK, so here's what we all have in our R1 manuals that I'm sure will add no real clarification:


"Choice of ammunition


All cartridges having a calibre that equals the calibre given on the carbine barrel may be used for your ARGO, provided they conform to CIP regulations.


Non-compliance to this rule would have serious consequences both for the shooter and for the carbine.


NOTE: use of not correctly refilled cartridges may cause damages to both the barrel and the lock, with possible consequences for the shooter as well.


All the ARGO carbines are subjected to a burst test at the Italian National Proof House in Gardone Valtrompia (Brescia), conform to CIP regulations."


CIP regulations, Hmmmmm. I do not know about that, but I'd sure as heck like to get a job at the Italian National Proof House in Gardone Valtrompia (Brescia) performing burst tests on brand new hot rod R1's all day!!!


I tried a web search using google and really didn't get much on CIP regualtions. Any takers?



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When Federal printed the warning Chronos listed, the existing autoloaders where the Browning BAR and Remington 7400. Both, long-throw gas operated systems. The R-1 combines the short throw ARGO gas AND mechanical mechanisms, which to me, suggests less suseptibility to the excess pressures Federal HE pressures. But.....I let someone else prove the theory, thankyou. Seriously, can a moderator contact Benelli about this?

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My gun dealer told me that HE ammo was not recommended. I was very disappointed because I have been shooting Bear claw bonded light magnums in 165 grain in my remington bolt action. From what I'm hearing from othe R-1 rifle owners 150 grain bullets are prescribed for best accuracy. I was told by a very experienced and knowledgable person whos opinionI respect very much that the 150 grain bullets will stablize best with the 1-11 barrel twist because of it shorter length..compared to heavier grain bullets...I would welcome your comments

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