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Is $1500 a good price on a M1014?


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As the title suggests....is $1500 a fair or good price for a brand new in the box (never fired) M1014? It of course has the collapsible stock and American flag on the receiver. If it is a good deal should I leave it new and not fire it? I have an M1 to play with.


Also what are the basic differences between this gun and my M1 Super 90 besides the stock and rail? My M1 has a pistol grip stock, ghost rings and a mag extension.


Here is a pic of my M1.



Thanks a head of time!


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You guys a probably right...I thought that all skeleton stocks were collapsible. This one very likely is not. (BTW...thanks for saving me the headache of trying to find out why it wouldn't collapse if I do get it!)


Its definitely one of the 2500 LE M4s with the flag on the reciever...so its a M1014. Like I said its brand new in the box. I don't "need" the gun but would sure like to get it and I am leaning that way...so some more input to push me over the edge would be appreciated!

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I sold a gently-used M1014 a few weeks ago for $1375. I included the original box and all paperwork. I then took the money and bought an 11707.


You guys missed a really good deal on Gunbroker about a week ago. Someone was selling an 11707 with the factory Benelli mag extension, telestock, B&T railed forearm, and forward grip for $1650 with no reserve, and no one bought it!!!

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Originally posted by GRISTLE:

I'd still go with the M1014 over the 11707 for the barrell alone....Military version...none of the port issues of the 11707. Unless, the colapsable stock is a bigger perk to you.

The current 11707 comes with a two-port barrel just like the M1014. It just has removable chokes instead of the fixed choke.
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