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New 3 1/2 load from Kent

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Well I dont know but I will be checking out the patterns pretty soon before duck season. Ill let you know and I will also be checking out how the Federal holds up.. I will also be geting 45 rounds of Bismuth reloaded for me by a friend who shoots competiton.

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Originally posted by tank:

Has anyone tried the kent 1 1/4 load at 1600 +.

I was wondering how it looked when shot on paper?

Will price be about the same as their other 3.5 loads.


I have looked for those loads but I can only find the 3.5 at 1550 FPS
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If shooting BB 1300 to 1400 is fast enough get the largest payload you can.


Speed is over rated drop one or two shot size from lead and go with the largest payload you can.


If BB or larger speed does not really matter. If smaller that BB go with the 1550 or 1400-1450 with largest payload you can get. It is hard to get good patterns with loads faster than 1450 and you often give up payload.


My goose load 1 shot at 1400-1450 with 1.25 oz of shot. Mod choke


For ducks same load with 2 or 3 shot with IC or Mod.

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