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RNT duck calls


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was thinkin about upgrading to a new duck call, have been using the walmart 8 dollar calls forever....I live in oklahoma and hunt mostly lakes and flooded fields. which one of the RNT calls might best fit this type of calling (or any other call for that matter). I am not the best caller with the 8 dollar jobs, I can do the hail call, a quack, and kinda do the feeding mallard (altho I generally will use a shaker for a feeder) any input on this matter would be great. I would like a good all around call that I dont have to be a pro to use, yet sound really great with nice volume.


links to places to buy would be great...there is no set budget but I must be reasonable as I will be dragging this out to the lake, not showing it in a display case.

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Best all-around RNT call - acrylic "Daisy Cutter"!!! I've got several RNTs, and I always have my Daisy Cutter and Short Barrel on my lanyard! I was at the RNT shop the Saturday after Thanksgiving, had the corks replaced in these two calls by John Stevens (he took the time to do this), and he went on to win his third World Championship later that night. RNTs customer service is second to none, been doing business with them since the 80's.


Magnum Force

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I also have a few RNT acrylics, and agree that they're awesome, and their customer service is second to none. I met John and Butch in Stuttgart a few years ago, and they worked my calls also. I have been so busy lately that I really haven't got a chance to see the results of the World Championships, but it's good to know that John won, he has an awesome feed call!

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