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Which barrel length should I get?


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I would suggest a 26". I feel it is the right barrel for an SBE. Because of the relatively short forearm that the SBE has, it looks right and balances right.


Years ago I felt 28" or 30" were the only way to go for waterfowl, but I bought a Beretta 303 with a 26" about 10 years ago and have been totally converted. I love how a 26" barrel comes up and how it swings in an autoloading shotgun. If you put after market extended chokes in the barrel, then you have almost 27" anyway.


I would definitely go 26" in an autoloader and probably a pump, too.


And by the way, if you happen to use the gun for upland game, you will really appreciate the 26 incher.


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I'm copying this from a similar thread in the Benelli forum.


I mostly hunt ducks and I started with a 28" pump. Shot it for about 10 years then swithed to a 30" pump for a couple then went to a 24" pump for 10 more years and they all worked great. Was a little worried about the 24" at first but never wondered after I started hunting with it. My SBE is 26" and I love it too and shoot better with it than any of the others.

Choke tube and pattern testing are the key.

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I would check with someone who has patterned a 26" and 28" inch barrel. If I remember correctly (someone please correct me if I'm wrong!), there is no difference on the performance of the gun (one doesn't shoot any further or tighter than the other), it's whatever feels better to you. When shooting ducks out of blind with shrubs or tules around you, I prefer a shorter barrel.

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I've got a Stoeger M2000 - also got an SBE and an A5 - they've all got 28" barrels. Shot an 870 with a 26" barrel for a few years and liked it fine, but my preference is a 28" barrel. Maybe it's because that's what my dad shoots - he just turned 80 and I just turned 60, but I value his opinion - 28" barrel just swings better for me! It's all just a matter of personal preference! ;)


Magnum Force :D

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