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Wow - from the maker of Terror choke tubes.....


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I was surprised to read this on 'another' website today - they guy had just bought a Terror .655 and didn't like the patterns:


"I just talked to Jeff at SRM and his words are for the Opitma and Plus and CRIO chokes are JUNK..They are to thin and the shot bulges the chokes out and can not get them to pattern at all..Says he is thinking about not making them for Optima or crio threads anymore..He said when the bent barrel was the problem of the Xtrema he could get them to pattern great but since then Beretta has changed again..His words JUNK..Looks like there may be a XTREMA for sell"


So it sounds like Jeff Hajjar is pretty much condemning the new "Crio Choke" as junk that will eventually fail and damage the shotgun.




Maybe Benelli Girl has some input - she seems to monitor my posts pretty well.....


Note - I honestly have not had much luck patterning my SBE's or my new SBE II for turkeys. I get adequate patterns, but not much else.


mudhen - CA

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I had no luck with the Crio chokes/patterns and turkey loads either. The Terror .655 fixed that. The Terror .675 is pure terror on geese.

With steel and Kent TM, the Crio chokes patterned pretty good.

Jeff by all means knows his stuff, and makes some great products with the SRM Terror's and Sure-Cycle kits.

Some Xtrema's did have POA issues. The one I had and sold at a huge loss shot 10" left at 40 yards. I think Ned's nephew had one that shot 12+ inches.

Have you tried calling or e-mailing him and asking for futher information on this?

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Talked to Jeff today.


He does indeed hate the Optima/Crio choke system just from a choke maker's standpoint. I guess the variations in specs make it hard for him to guarantee results with his products.


His only real big issue is when folks try to use very large steel shot in his .655 tubes. BB is about as large as one should go with Terror .655.


Sounds like the Terror Crio tube is just fine for all other uses though.


mudhen - CA

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i went withthe primos tight wad in the .655 andit is one pattern filling piece of work with the winchester hv magnumx #6 shot. if there is still a problem then i would, you might want to try a different choke and see if itr works for you.

wish i could help you in contacting the guy but no chance i don't really know him but i hope you get your issues settled very soon

rob k

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Yesterday, I shot my new sbeII with a 26" barrel for the first time. I ordered the Carlson crio plus #67002, ext./turkey .665 sent overnight. I was using Winchester 3" #5 extended shells. The shot gun will be used for turkey hunting. Using a 10" circle turkey target, at 50 yards, 19 pellets were in the neck (kill zone) and 57 pellets in the 10" circle. At 60 yards, 7 in the kill zone and 21 in the 10" dia. This was not on a gun rest, but shooting off the knee as in actual hunting conditions. No, I don't hunt at those distances, just wanted to see how far to was capable of shooting. Based on comments about the Terror choke, I may try the .655 next, but think it will be hard to beat the test as mentioned above.

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