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Entry M-4 11707 Collapsible stock


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Thats the Benelli 11724.


Basically what MrMilitaryPolice said. A 11707 with a 14" barrel. You may have better luck ordering it through a dealer. $200 isn't a big hurdle. Getting your CLEO sign off for you is. However, you can remedy this by setting up a LLC.

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Yeah sign off no problem. I'm told that Benelli only drop ships the collapsible stock to military or copshops. If I have a stamp though and it is a NFA weapon will I be able to get a 11724 or should I get a form 1 and make one out of an existing 11707? Thanks for the responses.

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I called the dealer that has that weapon in stock and take a guess at the price he's asking?


$1500 plus the $200 tax stamp? Nope.


Try $2300 plus the $200 tax stamp. If you can get a dealer to order an entry M4 for you and they only charge you retail, count your blessing and take pictures of yourself with it so you can always remember that happy day.


I've not seen a single one south of $2000. Good luck finding the 14 inch barrel solo! I've not managed to track down anything except a chopped down and refinished 18.5" barrel that became a 14" one.


Shane Bernskoetter

Author of:

Surviving Twilight: A Soldier's Chronicle of Daily Life in Iraq


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