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I really like it for turkey, predator, and deer with my slug barrel. The down side is that I've stripped the screw holes (SBE I) in the field stock from repeatedly taking it off to change stocks. It would also be nice to have a Limbsaver recoil pad that fits it. The pad that comes with it doesn't do much.

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Going through the postings I'm happy to see that there are some shooters out there that see the "SteadyGrip" is not just for Turkey hunting. I have RA and my hands are rather messed up from it. Six years ago I was going through the Benelli catalog and saw the pistol grip stock and contacted Benelli USA reps to see if it could be used on the SBE, because I had a problem holding the standard stock grip. When I found the pistol grip would work on my SBE, I ordered one, had it camoed to match my gun and I've been using it ever sense. The interesting thing was that I contacted Benelli in March just before NY Turkey season and they assumed I wanted the pistol grip for Turkey. Truth is I seldom hunt Turkey. I wanted it for waterfowl. I had just finished Snow Goose Hunting. I find with the pistol grip I can swing the gun better and get better shoulder contact for less bruising after 6 shots!

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Bought a SG for my SBE II. The SG does not come with any shims, nor do I think it could be easily adjusted by a gunsmith.


The gun did not shoot to my preferred POI, so I sold the stock on E-Bay and got 105% of the purchase price back :)


I'd look at a Benelli SG again if they are adjustable.

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