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West Nile

Full Bore

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I just wanted to post a reminder to use your Off or whatever bug spray (careful of your camo finishes) to protect yourself as best as possible while hunting or not this year. I know most of you already do.


Here in NW Ohio there are at least two confirmed cases of the nasty disease and one of those cases is a very good old friend of mine and an avid outdoorsman. I just received word that barring a miracle he probably won't make it. I am sad! He wasn't hunting and I don't know if he even knew he got bit. Just out and about.


Its hard to believe one bite from the little SOB's can end ones life after all one goes through in life but it can and does happen. He is as a good man and with the flooding in OH this year and other states as well the little SOB's are pretty thick.


Protect Yourself!

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West Nile is a nasty one, especially for the young/elderly. I had a friend who contracted it (I worked with him, too, and he probably picked it up while at work), and it took him out of action for about 2 weeks. When he came back to work, he'd lost enough weight that it was immediately obvious to anyone who'd seen him before then.


It's a nasty bug, and I suspect it is only going to get worse as the years go on.


I certainly hope your friend is a tough old coot and beats the odds.

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Sorry to hear about your friend.These things are freak occurences that open peoples eyes too late.Here in Fl mosquitos are the state bird and everyone has to live with them most of the year.A couple of things that people can do is

1. make sure your property is clear of old tires and any other junk that can collect water after rain,as little standing watter build ups are prime mosquito breeding grounds.


2. limit outdoor activities around dawn and dusk(good luck hunters!) as this is when the bugs are most actively feeding.


3. If you must be out during these times consider a unit such as a ThermaCELL bug repellent system,as these protect large areas and are not offensive, oder wise as sprays are.


sometimes the best defense is a good offense!

check with your DNR for other tips. Be Safe.

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Sadly my good friend didn't make it and passed away last night from the nasty virus.

Although he was 72, he was in good health until he contracted the virus.

He will be missed by many. He was a fine man and an excellent sportsman.


As the point of this thread is about protection from West Nile I say again


Protect yourself!! Stay Safe!

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