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Ammo Cycling


Ammo Cycling  

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  1. 1. Ammo Cycling

    • Has anyone found a solution to recycling issue with SBE
    • Please reply

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I've used Federal Winchester, and Remington in both 3in and 31/2 and been fed every excuse imaginable. They have replaced springs twice and also removed some metal.from receiver. I include previous emails each time so they can keep a running account of the problems. Cost of return is $20 each time. No offer for reimbursement.

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this seems very odd,

what exactly is your gun doing??


did you degrease the action before you started shooting it??

its just odd that its springs have been replaced and it wont even cycle 3 1/2s.


benellis come packed in a brown grease that needs to be completely removed from all areas of the gun and lightly oiled before use.

if it is not removed it can harden and hinder the actions operation.


i have never heard of any SBE with malfunctions like yours.


let us know what you find out

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I had a similar problem with my SBE - it wouldn't cycle 3.5 inch shells and the service folk wouldn't (couldn't) help. It was as if they couldn't believe the gun didn't work. I finally took a video of the thing jamming after they had sent it back to me the second time. That seemed to get their attention - at least they did something - and now it works better. Not perfect, but better.


Pay the money for a long distance call to the service department and make yourself heard. They're a stubborn bunch and you have to be that way too. You paid too much money to be shooting a single-shot.

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The only ammo my SBE won't cycle 100% is el-cheapo 7/8 oz. light load 2 3/4" shells. On these it'll eject the empty, but it doesn't release a shell from the magazine. That's ok, for pennies more a box I get the 1 1/8 oz loads (for quail, dove, and skeet/trap). Mine has worked flawlessly for 10 years now and should continue for the foreseeable future.


It really sounds like you got one of the few bad Benelli's I've ever heard of.

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As an update to the cycling issue of my SBE LH it was returned again in early May with the same problem. Service personnel were very apologetic and had no answer so replaced it with a new SBE LH. Haven't shot it yet but wanted to let everyone know that Benelli does stand behind there product.

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