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FS: U.S. made Benelli M4 Full-Length mag tubes - NEW THREAD


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Thanks to all who have ordered. Orders have been coming in at an almost overwhelming rate.



I have begun a new batch of tubes this week so I will have new tubes ready very soon. At this point, please place your order now so that you will be guaranteed a tube once they are completed.


Time to completion for this next batch is about 2 weeks from today.





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Socom guy.


Still happy with my extension. Gets lots of questions too and stares.


I feel it's the most functional thing I've done to it besides the larger charge handle.


Glad this has turned into a cottage industry for you.


Anyone on the fence, just buy it. Buy once, cry once.

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Guest bimmerz_vn

I would like to order a mag extension for it in a matching color. Do you make these in the desert tan color and if so is it a perfect match? Also I live in California. Are these legal in California as is? Meaning if I just slap one on am I good to go or do I have to have a certain amount of us parts if I do the conversion? If they are legal in cali, and you do make them in desert tan color, I would like to order one asap! Just tell me where and how to send the money.


Thanks !!!

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To the gentleman who asked, I do not make SBE tubes, only M4 m1014 tubes.



I can do the matching desert tan finish. It is a perfect match. Please e-mail me if you would like to order one. I do the tan ones on a per order basis meaning I would require payment before I began making one.



Thanks all!



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If you would make +2 mag tube extensions for the M4 you would have a hard time keeping up with orders.


Make a perfect Ti +2 tube for my Benelli M4 and name your price my friend.


You may wonder why I don't buy the solid extension tube, as high quality as it appears to be. The reason is very simple. I do not want to take a heat gun to my shotgun.


All I want to do is take off the silly round-limiting factory extension and replace it with a +2 extension tube. If I could find one in the market, I'd buy it right now but I can't so I'm wondering when you'll tap this enormous market.





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I always thought about making just +2 extensions but there are already so many sources for those I could not compete. Most people who buy the +2's don't care about quality and will usually buy the cheap ones anyway.


Titanium tubes are nice but rather over rated about the weight issue. Yes they weight half of the regular tube and if someone likes that idea then they will buy it. I wanted to make the tube to factory specs or better so I kept the aircraft grade steel construction. My tubes have no machine marks and look as smooth a finish as the barrel to match.


You actually don't have to use a heat gun to install a full tube. The heat does make it easier and it will not harm your gun in anyway. I actually use a propane torch on the threads for about 10-15 seconds to to soften the loctite then turn it off. I grab the gun by the tube in a vise using a leather wrap to get a good grip without damaging the factory tube then I grab the receiver with my hand and turn. This setup will work without heat but keep in mind it will be tough so to get leverage I use the CLUB anti-auto theft device and use the forked end to slip over the receiver to turn it off.



Don't worry, get a full-tube. You will like it much more in every way.

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