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    We have concluded this trade and I must say everything was as near perfect as I could hope for. Kudos Milspec. 👍
  2. 0 points
    You’d know all about that I’m sure. It’s obviously been plated in NP3.
  3. 0 points
    I know, it only has 15,000 rounds thru it.
  4. -1 points
    NP3 would be a better choice than nickel boron. I usually have to sand the pistons down on the high spots to get them to fit the shotgun. I put the piston in my drill gun and hold the 2000 grit paper around the piston and run it for 30 seconds at a time. Then test fit the piston to the barrel assembly.
  5. -1 points
    well make sure it stays pretty, thats whats important. If you need to shoot your M4, its best to put that one under glass, and buy another one and shoot the "ugly" one. but the ugly one eventually gets the upgrade too, then youll need to buy another one. thats how i ended up with 4 benelli M4's.
  6. -1 points
    Heres a novel idea, keep it cleaned and well oiled and dont worry about NON-TACTICAL reflective coatings.
  7. -1 points
    You done yet? Even to someone on the spectrum you should be able to tell that no one values your opinion. We have missed your daily autistic rants though.
  8. -1 points
    "Only facts and logic are to be valued, not the musings and opinions of the peoples " - PROCLUS Here ended the lesson son.
  9. -1 points
    In the one image bottom, we have a SWAT (or other armed forces) with a MATTE black M4, low reflectivity= IDEAL TACTICAL The "fighting tool for those who know". In the other image at top, we have a very pretty M4 with reflective surfaces undesirable for field USE Its perfect for showing others, and posting pictures of. Such mods are boasted of their weather / anti-rust properties (rather than keeping their gun oiled and cleaned as anyone ought to do). i.e. the boasting rights of a Keyboard-Jockey. This is the same reason a $4000 1911 is said of "what you show your friends"........and a Glock is said "what you show your enemies". Here ended the lesson.
  10. -2 points
    Yes, it sure it pretty, looks like one of those guns that gets dressed up and never shot. Youre one of "those" .
  11. -2 points
    From the bolt condition, this means you either 1. re-coated it 2. your lying. Like most who boast online, im going with the later.
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