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  1. After shooting thousands of rounds through my M1/M2's with RMR's mounted for 3-gun, shotgun-only competitions, and training (both giving and receiving), I can provide the following advise based on experience. Quick release of modern optics is overrated. Not once, in all this time of at least 12-15 years (including the early RMR's that had issues when mounted on handgun slides) I have never had a RMR go down on a shotgun necessitating its quick removal. I know that's only an example of maybe 5 out of all the mounted RMR's out there but it's still my experience. Re: cluttered co-witness
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  2. Before covid cancelled all the big craft shows I sold all these i could make . just a wood working hobby.
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  3. That sounds awesome...put a smile on my face!
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  4. My little 12 year old capitalist is all about making money. We've discussed getting one in the past, but she doesn't know its coming. It'll be a good experience since you end up learning things like Adobe Illustrator and some basic wood working skills. Plus layout and material experience. We have a State Park within walking distance that has a store that sells items. She can place the items there for sale. So the basic idea is to engrave their name and logo into outdoorsy kind of items and sell them for a markup. It beats a lemon-aid stand.
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