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  1. Since I use the Fed Truball 1600fps slugs at the range, my bore ends up looking pretty rough sometimes and cleaning it is usually a 2 or 3 phase operation to bring it back to glass like again. I picked up a couple of these bore brushes and WOW are they nice - like I just bought it kinda nice and with almost no real labor on my part... Anyone else use em? Thoughts? Pros or cons that you've heard of? [ATTACH=CONFIG]1951[/ATTACH]
  2. Just as a note guys, although the Federal Truball 1600fps slugs can be dirty, with my shortie 4x scope on my M4, I am shooting 5-7 inch groups for 9 rounds at 100 yards with the 18.5 barrel length, Improved cylinder choke and Briley Door Breacher Compensator and I am NOT taking 2 minutes in between shots or any long span of time. I am probably putting all 9 thru in under a minute which (I would guess) is repectable at that distance. Certainly not in my AR10's class but I'm happy with it and confident if I need to take a critical distance shot when it's all I have handy. Fed Truball
  3. Just wondering how they cycle. Anyone that's tried em please let us know how they did... thanks Sharkey
  4. People not voting also has a lot to do with why we are here right now.. If America is a business, then everyone should have voted for someone that actually KNOWS something about running one.
  5. Me too but at least our people can still move the photo around and blast it at those who did M4... I like to think NONE of the people I know did but he DID get back in so, ya know.... I just thought the photo was VERY apt considering the state of things...
  6. I saw it myself and it WAS just supposed to be a joke...
  7. Look it up on youtube and post it anywhere and everywhere it can be seen guys. It is stuff like THIS that people REALLY need to see. Our media is so biased it borders on the criminal and if we could just get stuff like this out there, it IS our friend....
  8. I just thought everyone who voted for him and is now facing losing their guns, rifles and 2nd amendment rights might like a good portrait of their proud leader... [ATTACH=CONFIG]1870[/ATTACH]
  9. I've definitely been loving the Federal Truballs although I use the 1600s and don't usually bother with the LRs. I'll shoot a 100 in a day at the range and with the Urbino stock, it's not as tough on you as it sounds. Been hitting solid 5x for between 5 and 7 out of 9 at 100 yards from the bench and then doing fast exercises (standing) on targets at 25, 50, 75 and 100 and all with solid kills and no tumbling at all like I got with some of the more expensive sabots and rifled slugs. It DOES tend to be a little dirty but I'll trade a little more time cleaning the bore for a accuracy any day.
  10. Sorry I didn't see this bud. The bipod was just on there just for the pics to hold the gun up better although, since it is easy to take on and off, I MAY start using it instead of sandbags when I shoot 100+ targets at the range with it. That's actually belongs to something else I have. My M4 is a newer model - within 2 years anyway.
  11. That's the KZ. It's got ears on both sides. I like it.
  12. Coitac. Not really crazy about it but it does the trick and the price was right. It gets tough trying to beat my wife to the bank account round xmas time...
  13. I took the red dot off for a couple of days cuz I'm gonna use the 4x to do some 100 yard stuff with it and see how my truball slugs group but this is pretty much it for the moment. The raised rings I use DO allow me to also use the iron sights so it's an ok set up for the moment. When I switch back to the red dot, that also has a see through mount so I can use the iron site for that as well so the scope really doesn't matter much right now. I also wanna see if this cheapo 4x can handle the recoil and still hold together just for the halibut... I love the forend though and CAN hear my
  14. Don't want the gun but just for conversation sake, what new direction are you heading in that would make you wanna part with your M4? No offense if it's none O ma biz....
  15. Gimme a few days buddy. Not big on posting pics of my stuff online but I'll try and take a couple of "sectionals" so you can see it. Sharkey
  16. Package received and all I found as "trouble" with it was giving it a solid pinch at the bottom to get it to seat. I removed the near side rail anyway because I don't need it. I left the ejection side rail exactly where the factory placed it (with a little locktight of course), installed my light (placing the pressure pad on the "pistol grip" under my finger tips) installed the rail covers and this thing is styling. I even have a quick detach, 2 position foregrip I've been playing with and it folds up and makes a nice standard shooting grip/platform that is just a bit lower than holding
  17. Agree on the Fiocci stuff. I tried both the low recoil slugs and buck for my wife and neither were reliable AT ALL in my M4.
  18. It's killing me too. Just checked the mail and it's STILL not here. I'm hoping it didn't get lost somewhere in the damn christmas rush.. Woooooff..
  19. As I stated, the M4 was never an option but thanks for the input guys. I think he is going to look in the Akdal or maybe Saiga 20ga direction for her. She still wants to have fun with it but just has bad arthritis and isn't very strong apparently so we've whittled things down a bit and he's going to do some looking in his area along those lines. Thanks Sharkey
  20. Hey Guys, I have a friend who is hoping to find a "tactical" style shotgun for his wife who has "strength issues" both in her upper body and hands. She CAN fire a shotgun but he is hoping to find her one that she can fire and enjoy but with tactical styling like the M4. She prefer to NOT have to shoulder fire and is hoping to use it as more of a close quarters emergency thing and they HAVE handguns and she WANTS a shotgun she can handle without much pain. I know the Benelli ultralight in a 20 or 28 gauge would probably be very good for her but need to know if anyone knows of any pl
  21. Congrats to the winners and thank you H&K for the opportunity.... Good stuff buddy.
  22. I'm in H&K and thanks for the opportunity buddy. Shark
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