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  1. Stranger are you a HAM? ....I am.
  2. One power outage is all it took. I was sitting here watching a YouTube video and "lights out"..when the power finally came back on,.. my computer did not.. Probably time to replace it anyway, it was 6 years old. ....but all they had to replace it was one of those "gaming" setups with flashing lights all over it!.. My house is lit up like a neon bar at night....and I keep having alien abduction dreams.
  3. Read the small print my brother. It was just a made up story..πŸ‘ (picture is a cropped still from the movie "The Revenant")
  4. Good people just dont grow on trees, ...Stranger is good people. He's one of the few people I send a shout out to on Thanksgiving each year. I truly am thankful for good people like SD. ...except this year, my computer got fried right before TG.....but he knows I still care......
  5. Never even thought of this being an issue...pretty happy with the tail-cap I have.. ...not to turn this into a tc thread....
  6. I almost died by a bear attack, I live up north where the big ones roam.. I knew a 12ga slug was a great choice for bear protection and carried a Mossberg pump action and practiced with it regularly. At the time I was against a semi-auto shotgun because I had convinced myself that simple was better,.. and who in there right mind would pay $2000 for a shotgun!? 😏 I woke up covered in moss and fresh pungent soil. My breathing was raspy as though I had flim that I couldn't quite cough up. I couldn't see out of my left eye and I could smell and taste that distinctive iodiney smell of blood. My heart pounded back alive with a great rush of adrenaline as I started to recall what had happened to me and where I currently was.... I was buried alive, by a bear. You see, a bear wont usually eat something its killed right away, it will bury it and come back to it later after it has ripened up a bit. This knowledge was flooding through my brain faster than the speed of light as I lay there contemplating my next move. I've told this story over and over again now thousands of times and I've come to realize that we; the bear and I, were playing a chess game of sorts. He made his move by hunting me down and attacking me, I countered his move by a misplaced shotgun slug due to adrenaline followed by a short-stroke of my shotgun leaving me with nothing but a "click" of the trigger when it really needed to count. The bear did what he does best and I assumed the fetal position playing dead until I couldn't stand the pain any longer of him ripping off a but cheek and almost removing my left foot. I blacked out. I didnt realize just how comfortable I was in this makeshift early grave until I decided to move. The pain was unlike anything Id ever experienced before and I let out a grown that didn't even sound like it came from me. Now,..back to the chess part..... This entire time the bear was sitting a few feat away so as I had just got my first breath of "dirt nap" freedom the all to familiar crunching sound of bear teeth on my skull was back again....actually this whole story is made up for your enjoyment...the reason I purchased a m4 is because I got tired of my m3 jamming. have a good day gents. Picture my camera took during the attack ...Im on bottom..
  7. Like Scout_21, I also used a torch. Ive done six of them now. I take an old wash cloth and soak it and lay it over the receiver before I heat the tube. The Loc-Tite WILL start to smoke a bit. Never had one come loose before it started to smoke.
  8. The follower, magazine body, trigger guard and handguard is what I changed initially and then I went back and traded the FFT handguard back to the oem version because it was better made.
  9. I'm always confused.. Here is the list of parts you can change to be 922 Receiver Barrel Bolt Bolt carrier Gas piston Trigger housing Trigger Hammer Disconnector Buttstock (with integral pistol grip) Forearm/handguard (forend) Magazine body Follower
  10. https://ansshotguns.com/?product=enhanced-trigger-guard-benelli-m4
  11. Extended carrier for sure and maybe a GGG follower and A&S Trigger housing.
  12. I was going to say the same thing StrangerDanger said but he beet me to it...😎 The FFT handguards feel a bit cheap compared to the OEM version. Like SD said, they dont seat evenly together almost as if after the injection molding was done the pieces retracted or bowed a bit while cooling. The oem also have a bit of matt finish compared to the smoother FFT copy. I personally went back to the OEM handguards after I had acquired enough parts to be 922 comp. I've tried just about every handgaurd for the M4 and at the end a well stippled OEM HG is the way to go.
  13. Not sure who makes them, but the ones that hold the refrigerator on top are pretty cool..😁
  14. StrangerDanger has helped countless amounts of people with there Benelli's. I personally cannot count the amount of times I've referenced his material when I double guess myself or haven't a clue to begin with. The amount of time it takes him to take photos mid process and type his extensive explanations is all to often over looked or taken for granted. Thank you Stranger Danger! I've shared this photo before here on the forum, I dont know why it wouldn't show up on a Google search for: 1014 recoil tube depth Benelli M4 recoil tube depth Benelli 1014 recoil tube depth Benelli M4 recoil tube picture Maybe it will help someone in the future...
  15. ...I just want pizza..😁
  16. Every one of those drawers better be full of cleaning stuff or your disqualified from this thread.🀬......envious...😁
  17. Im having a really hard time believing people like him truly exist. He's all over the internet as a self proclaimed expert in many fields and has a small following of ignorant people in each one of them. He has rubbed many people the wrong way to the point to where he's been sued and even his life threatened various times. Someone described him as a highly functioning autistic or idiot savant with the disability of being incapable of conversating with people. I would have to agree with this statement but that doesn't make him any the easier to digest. He does an almost daily video on youtube as Theoria Apophasis, and the very day he was met with anger and disagreement here on Benelli Forums he posted THIS video in which I cannot excuse as anything other than the resistance he met on the forum. His arrogance is exhibited in all of his videos but this one is enough to make anyone with half a brain see through his thought process and even more disturbing are the supporters/commentors that hail him as a mastermind. πŸ€ͺ Grab a garbage can and watch this: 🀒
  18. Im not sure I like it for a range bag but Im pretty sure Im going to buy one just because its bad-ass!
  19. Im embarrassed to show you all my unorganized mess of a range bag.😞 Even though I bought all my family there very own bags, mine always seems to be the dumping ground for everybody's hearing protection when were all packing up at the range to go home. I keep promising to myself Ill organize it, Ill empty it all out for you all later if this thread takes off.
  20. ....a modellers paint brush,....why didn't I think of that? I use that TW25 grease (I think that's the name of it) and I can never really get it exactly where I want it and always put to much on. Ill try your paint brush trick next time javars!
  21. Very interesting. And I commend you on your attention to detail for most wouldn't even have noticed. I think where it would be noticed the most is after the installation. After everything was put back together, oiled and back on the wall or shelf....And THEN you would see it one day while walking by. That perfect space between the barrel and magazine isn't perfect... Depending on how the bent tube was seated, it would either bow outward away from the barrel or bow inward. Either way I'd be so freaking angry...😫
  22. Anyone use regular motor oil as lubricant? I keep seeing this mentioned on other forums. Never tried it myself because I still have plenty of my regular stuff (Break Free). But when I run out imma going to give it a shot. No pun intendedπŸ€”
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