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  1. I really liked Daves Metal works. I think he is only asking 90 bucks for a 7 rnd tube. Its metal, but strong.
  2. Yep, when you have all three in front of you its a no-brainer. The poly one is...well its plastic. The OEM aluminum one is rough and crudely cast...The A&S is high quality and precision made. It puts both the plastic and oem aluminum guards to shame. ****************************************************************************** Plastic guard kinda reminds me of Glock (and thats being kind) OEM aluminum guard reminds me of Hi-Point A&S guard = Full custom 1911 ...and Im not a A&S fanboy, just calling it as I see it. Honestly I dont care for the built in ramp on the A&S guard, I think its useless and looks dumb...
  3. In my own personnel experience, the thread locking agent begins to smoke just a bit before its ready to be overcome. I too was very afraid of overheating my parts, but found this common sign to be pretty universal when dealing with there loctite. I've molested 6 M4's now... mag tubes and recoil tubes.
  4. A bit of high temp black RTV silicone applied to the sling plate stops the rattle. Just take it off and clean it, put a little bit on with your finger and reassemble it with the snap ring. Center it with the barrel and let it set for a night. You can take a Q-Tip and rid any extra RTV that may squeeze out making for a nice tidy job. Its completely unnoticeable when done.
  5. I think I saw that gun on a video game once....
  6. Dont forget to clean the whole thing after your done. 😉
  7. ADHESIVE SANDPAPER (fine grit) Cut a small 1inch X 2inch piece and stick it to a dummy round. Thumb it in and out, dont press it all the way in as to let it go past the shell stop. Doing this will create a polished indention on the shell stop lip. Stop sanding when your satiated.😀 and dont sand all the way through it...lol! Smooth as butter when your done!
  8. The Hayl Rail is junk brother. Dont waist your money...
  9. Great videos! Informative Thank you for sharing.
  10. I have a DMW 7 round tube with a upgraded spring installed, cant remember if it was a CC or Wolf. I can only fit 6 rounds of 2 3/4 inch shells in it. My shells measure just over 2 1/4 inches each. The seventh shell is just a few mm from going in the mag tube. Solution: Cut a few coils off the spring and retry. I ended up cutting about 6 coils off and the 7th rnd now fits into the mag tube. So far, so good. When I load 1 shell into the mag (simulating a last rnd) it loads into the bay and chambers every time. Sometimes adjusting the elevator alleviates problems with the last rnd not loading into the bay as well.
  11. Spring cleaning, have an extra H2O mag tube end I dont need....$20 bucks gets it to your door. email me [email protected]
  12. No problem! This forum is great and is a wealth of knowledge! I've learned so much here! PS, I never understood what that little hook is for on that spring retainer but Im betting its a beer bottle opener.😁
  13. Jolly Roger

    M2 carrier

    FFT has a new extended version for the M2. https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/benelli-m2-shotgun-parts-and-accessories/products/new-the-freedom-fighter-tactical-worry-free-extended-carrier-for-the-benelli-m2-tactical-shotgun
  14. Ill keep looking, but here is a picture of an M3 with the same piece (that's how I recognized it) you can see it at the end of the mag tube...sorry for such a dark photo...
  15. Its the very first thing you should see looking at the top of the magazine tube. This piece goes in the tube first, then the spring cup followed by the spring itself. Ill try and find a photo for you....
  16. No its not part of the compliance list. Must have wrote that when I was out of coffee. my bad.
  17. This one is SOLD ladies and gentlemen. Thank you Benelli forums.
  18. I don't think the pistol grip reduces recoil, but what I have noticed is that I seem to get better shoulder welds when using the pistol grip vs the field stock. When using the the field stock, I have to concentrate more on getting a good seat. (Shoulder to buttock) the P/G allows me to push it in to my shoulder without really thinking about it, resulting in a lower percentage of times when I seem to leave a gap between my shoulder and buttstock. Hiking with the pistol grip will cause many curse words to come out of your mouth. So ill changed mine to field.
  19. Freedom Fighter Tactical brand (922r compliant) custom stippled foregrip in used condition. Asking 40 shipped to your door. email [email protected]
  20. I personally like the field stock myself. It looks less militant....
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