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  1. Great trick! Probably best on smooth bore guns though, I've been tempted on trying that with a rifled barrel from time to time but always chicken out. Lol
  2. Show us your range bag and it contents. 😎 Bust it out and show us what you got, why you got it and why! What kinda hearing protection you got? What kind of safety glasses you sportin? Gloves? Speedloaders? Trauma gear? Sight tools? Spoting scope? Multitools? Targets? Staplers? Brass catchers? Shot bag? Gun vise? ??? Go crazy! Spill it all out and show us how big your bag really is!😁 (Photo from internet)
  3. Show off your gun cleaning set-up! What cleaning chemicals do you use? What oils and lubes do you choose and why? What products have you tried that failed? How do you store it and what do you store it in?
  4. I hate even coming close to agreeing with Mr. Horse Stroker, but I think by putting anything other than a RMR up there you're flirting with danger. Ive done my fair share of drilling and taping 6061 T6 aluminum and even though its Rockwell is better than what most would believe, its tensile strength sucks. I have Permatex Ultra-Black between the receiver and the Scalarworks mount AND between the RMR to the Scalarworks. Wiped clean with a few Q-tips afterwards and you cant tell its even there.
  5. AHHHHHH......I thought that was where this was heading lol.
  6. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCALARWORKS-SYNC-RMR-Optic-Mount-for-Mossberg-590-930-Shotgun/323773705808?hash=item4b626aae50:g:G-UAAOSw5lpcroT7
  7. No problem! I knew we would get there soon enough lol! πŸ˜„
  8. When you pull the trigger two things will happen: 1. The hammer will fall. 2: A new round will automatically be thrown onto the lifter from the magazine. When you manually rack it to eject the "fired" dummy round, all that should happen is 1. dummy round gets pulled out of barrel and falls to floor 2.New dummy round (already resting and waiting on lifter from pulling trigger) should lift and slide into barrel as bolt is closed behind it.
  9. IMHO Do it the right way and buy a full tube of your choice. Titanium if you can afford it, metal works just as good (stronger) but heavier. Daves metal works is a great tube. The only reason to use a +2 extension is because you either plan on switching back and forth between a short barrel and OEM barrel, OR you lack the ability/confidence to install a full length tube onto the receiver. Any other excuse to go with a +2 is BS "easier cleaning" 🀣 and is usually someone trying to justify not doing so to begin with. Adding a full tube is not hard to do and instructions are ll over the web for doing so. Most of us here would be glad to help. ..but either way you decide to go, I would purchase a longer spring and trim as needed. The short spring may be just enough to work at home with dummy rnds, but at the range the inertia and extra weight of slugs......you may find yourself cursing allot.
  10. Lets say you load four dummy rnds into mag...and bolt is closed.. racking the bolt should do nothing. It should not load a round onto the lifter..nothing. you could sit there and rack it open and closesd all day with rnds in the mag and nothing will happen. UNTIL: you press that little red button....
  11. When I read "eject" I assume you mean throw out of gun. It should only be ejecting one round at a time. (away from the gun) ..
  12. as soon as you pull that trigger you should here two clicks. One being the hammer falling and the other being a new round being fed from the magazine to the lifter. If you here only one loud noise, that meant you were not using dummy rounds.😁
  13. Yes. Sounds like all is working correctly if I understand you right. Once that trigger is pulled and the hammer falls, a new shell from the mag is fed into the elevator or lifter. This wont stop until your mag is empty.
  14. Jolly Roger

    New Optic

    Funny you should ask, this particular seminal fluid collector was made by our very own resident engineer and horse whisperer. Word has it he's one hell of a Nerf-gun painter too!
  15. Jolly Roger

    New Optic

    You need a Co%K sock for that thing.
  16. Jolly Roger

    New Optic

    I liked your old optic better, any plans on selling it?
  17. Yeah by the looks of it, the front glass is there only to encapsulate the thing-a-mo-bober....or seal it.🐟 I was never trying to disprove you, I was wit you from the start. Hey, I need a horse semen collector and I need it painted like a fisherPrice toy...............you dont happen to know anybody that could help a brother out do you?
  18. I wasn't very good at explaining things ....and Im old and have a hard time recalling any of it in the first place....sorry Scout_21.
  19. Heres your answer ....had to dig a bit.. https://global-sei.com/news/press/12/prs062_s.html " Currently, green lasers are generated by converting the wavelength of infrared laser light from a light source using optical materials, but the light source is large and expensive. In addition, conventional GaN-based green lasers have difficulties achieving sufficient luminosity as their performance is limited to an output power of several tens of milliwatt at a wavelength of 520 nm or less. To overcome these challenges, Sumitomo Electric and Sony collaborated in the development of a true green semiconductor laser for practical use, drawing on Sumitomo Electric’s semi-polar GaN substrate"
  20. I dont know, maybe the the 1050 nm wave length diode needs more power to push its way through a "K" crystal? and thats even if it uses a crystal instead of just a reg diode to begin with... it probably does though because it will need the photon wave to stay true for use with other optics like magnifiers..
  21. Green lasers need a crystal to transform the 800 to 1050 nm light wave into a green 530ish light spectrum.. Dont quote me on the numbers its been awhile.....good reading though if you were to look it up....well for people who like to read a bout nerdy shit.
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