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  1. Ordered from him several times, not an issue.
  2. BenelliParts.net trigger is great, have two of them, no issues with either the polymer trigger group or the aluminum one.
  3. 100 yards with slugs using my RMR. Kinda surprised that the groups were good.
  4. I shoot the cheap Walmart 7.5 bird shot on mine new out of the box with no issues.
  5. I live in Vegas, they are maybe 25 min drive away and I have been there. Because they are a government contract provider they do sell out fast on certain items. For local LEO they keep things in stock for us.
  6. I had the same issue with the Polymer trigger housing and switched to the aluminum one and the FFT trigger worked fine.
  7. I have the OEM breacher and there is no markings on it from Royal. I picked up some choke tubes from midwest and they were made by a different manufacturer. If I am going to run slugs for the day I will just put the IC choke in. For skeet and Trap I have been using the full choke with good results.
  8. I think I will just order the IC even though everything I see out there says the Foster slug can be ran in any choke. Yeah tried trap with it with 7.5 bird shot, was a blast. I had to swap out my stock for that. What choke should I run for Trap and skeet? I probably hit about 60% clays with the modified one in it. Thats about the same as I hit with a Rem 870 with a 28 inch barrel.
  9. Hi, New to the forums. I just picked up an M4. After shooting slugs though the gun I noticed that on the Benelli website it says to use a improved cylinder and not the modified choke for slugs. After looking at the gun I noted that it came with the modified choke. So just wondering is this safe to use for slugs or is it going to blow up or damage the gun? Also on an 18.5 barrel why are they putting in a modified choke on something that would be used for most likely be used for slugs and 00 buck. Like what did they think people were going to use them for? Its not exactly a bird hunti
  10. The SRO will be fine. The only issue would be if the weapon was dropped on it, it may deform and shatter. Recoil should not be an issue at all.
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